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"The New York Underground Scene 1972-1977," Photographs by Paul Zone, July 12-August 31, 2008

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The New York Underground Scene 1972-1977
Photographs by Paul Zone
July 12-August 31, 2008
Opening Reception Saturday, July 12, 7-10 pm

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PAUL ZONE has a background that took in all that was cool, all that was cutting edge about New York City in the 1970s. He is New York through and through. His two older brothers started to take him to concerts by the age of 11. He'd always make sure to have his square box Brownie camera with him. He saw Bowie premier Ziggy Stardust at Carnegie Hall, Iggy & The Stooges at the Electric Circus in 1971, the first ever performances by The New York Dolls at the Mercer Arts Center and was the youngest boy let into the back room of Max's Kansas City during the tail end of the Warhol Factory era.

Zone was friends with members of Blondie and The Ramones before their bands were even formed. By 1973 his brothers already had their own band called The Fast, and Paul, being so young, wasn't considered to be a member. Paul concentrated on taking photographs of his nights out at concerts, clubs and parties around town. He shot the first photo session of Blondie as a five piece band, did portraits of friends and worked as a photographer along side Lance Loud on his writing assignments for Circus Magazine, Rock Scene & Andy Warhol's Interview.

1972 to 1977 was a transitional time in New York City style & music. Glam was over and the word Punk describing the local bands had not yet been used. In 1975 Debbie Harry and Lance Loud suggested to Paul's brothers to have him as a member of The Fast. With Paul as the lead singer they were a headlining act right from the start at Max's Kansas City and CBGB from 1976 on.  Spin Magazine names "Kids Just Wanna Dance" by The Fast as one of the "Top 20 Singles of 1977."

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