Sunday, April 29, 2007

WACK Exhibition of Feminist Art at LAMOCA

The LA Times review of the WACK exhibition at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art (LAMOCA) has my appetite whetted.

Christopher Knight, wirting for the LA Times says:

There are many appealing aspects to "WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution," the
sprawling and critically well-received exhibition chronicling the global emergence of feminist art practice in the 1970s. One is its sheer size. At MOCA's Geffen Contemporary (through July 16), the show features 430 works by 119 artists. Given the abundance of film and video — Chantal Ackerman's work alone has a running time of just under five hours — it is doubtful that even the most diligent visitor will actually see the whole show, multiple visits or not.

Surveys of this size are usually a bad idea; one wants curatorial discrimination. But this time the magnitude emphasizes the monumental scope of the shift in thinking, which artists with a feminist perspective labored to bring about. Revolutions are rarely modest.

Read the full review of the WACK exhibition online at the LA Times

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